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IWL Foundation introduces the ALLYSHIP INITIATIVE. ALL IN is a national movement focused on Allyship in the workplace.

The Importance of Allyship

Allyship was’s word of the year in 2021, and notably, the first new word chosen for this distinction. Twelve months later, at the conclusion of 2022, announced its new word of the year… woman. We’re all witness to a pattern emerging in our cultural conversation, and IWL is continuing to shine a spotlight on the importance of allyship in the workplace and in the home.

Whether you are new to the idea of allyship, or have been practicing it for years, we invite you to go ALL IN with IWL. Join the ALLyship INitiative, a national movement focused on allyship, and get ready for this year’s ALL IN Allyship Summit, a day-long event tackling allyship to women and other underrepresented groups.

2024 IWL State of Allyship-in-Action – WAVE 3
(Multigenerational Focus)

IWL’s groundbreaking State of Allyship-in-Action Research Study featured in Harvard Business Review (October 7, 2022) makes the case for activating men as allies to move the needle on gender equity. 

IWL has launched Wave 3 of the research effort which includes an expanded focus on the attitudes, experiences and allyship practices among different generational groups.

We invite all to complete the survey by April 30, 2024 by clicking on the link below. And please share this link with others in your organization who may be interested in participating. THANK YOU!


IWL has been leading the way …

From our early beginnings in 2010, IWL recognized that MEN ARE KEY to truly moving the needle on gender equity in the workplace. Men were always a part of our conference programming. In 2016, we became intentional about a focus on male allies and were the first to develop the Activating Men As Allies Workshop series. That program has been delivered to many organizations and to men across the globe. And with the inaugural ALL IN Summit in 2022, we were excited to amplify this movement as we continue to work with male allies to help boldly make a difference in reshaping the cultures in which they work as they build male ally communities in their organizations and strive for gender equity. We are truly better together!

Activating Men as Allies Workshop

IWL helps organizations leverage their full talent bench by partnering to build cultures of respect and equal opportunity. The events of the past few years erased a decade of progress toward the advancement of women. To truly move the needle on gender equality, men are key.

Allyship Assessment

Allyship is a process, and it starts with understanding where you currently are, and how to put your beliefs into action. Take an IWL Allyship Assessment to find our where you are on your allyship journey.

State of Allyship-in-Action Research

IWL’s groundbreaking State of Allyship-in-Action Research Study featured in HBR (October 7, 2022) makes the case for activating men as allies to move the needle on gender equity. It’s back in 2023, with an expanded focus on the experiences of intersectional groups, and the practice (or lack of practice) of allyship to women by other women.

From our favorite male ally partners ...

"Too often we hear men call themselves allies for gender equity, assuming they are doing the work and that the playing field is level for women in the workplace. The groundbreaking Allyship-in-Action study by IWL reveals a significant aspiration/execution gap when it comes to male allyship at work. This new benchmark study casts a bright light on the discrepancy between what men think they are doing and what women experience. Providing insights across industries and professions, the Allyship-in-Action study will immediately improve our gender intelligence (GQ) while serving as a road map for better ally behavior in the workplace."

"For the past few years, there has been much work done by best-in-class companies to build out male allyship initiatives. However, a new study by Integrating Women Leaders points out that even the most well-intentioned men aren’t stepping up as much as they think they are. As a practitioner who has advocated for creating more gender allies in the workplace, the IWL State of Allyship-in-Action research findings track with my client experiences, and highlight several ongoing pain points and obstacles thwarting the progress of women and underrepresented groups in corporate America."

The ALL IN Pledge

I’m ALL IN as an ally to women and others who are underrepresented in the workplace.

I acknowledge the limits of my knowledge about other people’s experiences but don’t use that as a reason not to think and act.

I do not remain silent when witnessing devaluing behavior, but make every effort to confront it and call it out.

I work to build relationships not only with those devalued because of their identities, but also with people privileged by their identities in order to challenge them in their thinking.

I don’t have it all figured out, but am committed to leveraging my own privilege to take action to create changes.

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